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February 16, 2011 / spittenwrittens

“if you’re not living your dream, then whose dream are you living?”

Dream Job

We Dig It!!/dreamjobmusic

February 16, 2011 / spittenwrittens

Wale “No Days Off Documentary” x RoyalRae

We Dig it!

Originally found on Hip Hop DX

February 15, 2011 / spittenwrittens

Four See Entertainment Presents: Lift Off

Lift Off

Four See Entertainment Presents:

Lift Off

Acts Include: Green Hornet (Eratic & Mr. Kinetik), Mo.Jey, Sleeper Cell, Brad Real, El Carnicero & Verse, Ms. Talented, DJ Deadrisk

When: Friday (2/18/11) Doors Open at 8pm

Where: Local’s Only (56th and Keystone) 21+

Cost: $5

February 4, 2011 / spittenwrittens


Get Alpha.Live’s new six shot

Check out more of Alpha and a ton of other good music on our YouTube channel

February 4, 2011 / spittenwrittens


January 22, 2011 / spittenwrittens

Who you with

Follow these guys (@rustymk2 @mrkinetik) for more goodness like above.

January 22, 2011 / spittenwrittens

Today In Tony’s World

Second part of Today in Tony’s World, check it out below

January 20, 2011 / spittenwrittens

Photos from the Jazz Kitchen

Check out our flcikr page for a few more and check back for a ton more to come.









December 30, 2010 / spittenwrittens

Evolution of Daft Punk Helmets

A recent trip to see Tron in 3d IMAX re-sparked interest in the daft punk phenomenon. Daft Punk has become a pop culture main staple for anyone who listens to music outside the clear channel soulja boy remix on the radio. The skills of DJs Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, have created not only a following of there music but a following of their space like futuristic helmets and brand. Check out this visual history of the daft punk helmets original found on Gizmodo

Daft Punk Helmets

Everyone is making there own helmets now

A quick YouTube search will provide you with several different versions of a DIY Space helmets.

December 21, 2010 / spittenwrittens

We dig it! (kinda weekly update of what we’re digging)

Wiz Khalifa on his way to Naptown

wiz January 13, Wiz Khalifa will be playing at the Egyptian Room. If this is your first time hearing this I advise you sit down, It’s already sold out. However you can buy them from someone else over at Stub Hub . With Wiz coming to Indy is a big deal, over a year ago the Spitten Writtens Squad was jamming to any and all Wiz we could get our hands on. You could only hear him in our home state of Western PA since he was still underground. Fascinated by the raise in the ranks of a hip-hop artist, who was a no name nationwide and is number 11 on Billboard Hot 100. You can find a correlation in an another odd step in our path that seems to be fate intervening if everything goes as planned we will see you there somehow and making noise like Wiz! Now without further delay what we’re digging!

Passports & Paparazzi

The guys from Heavy Gun tweeted out the newest music by the Night Riders. This free download is worth paying for but when artists are giving away there music for free you can’t complain. Download by clicking the artwork below

New Track from LONEgevity


“Everything I wanted” is a new track by LONEgevity self produced this defiantly a good jam, and its free people! Go download this We dig it!.


We now have a nice little exchange going with my brother back home at IUP’s (PA) Campus. We shoot him links to local Naptown Hip Hop and of course we provide him some free gear. Dubby lives in the same dorm building as my little brother and had us take a listen to his tracks. Originally from Gettysburg PA, this kid has some talent for sure. While he is still a little raw, only 19, in small town without the opportunities of most major cities he is still holding it down. Hustle young man hustle, check out the tracks, “Primo” and “Dotted Line Life”

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