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Handmade, Homegrown, Original… But Why?

A lil bout our process..

Spitten Writtens T-shirts are not the machined out capitalism generators that you’ve seen on the walls of everyone’s favorite hipster self validation wall at hot topic. No, these are more similar to that one that you “have to buy” shirt, which you stumble upon in the depths of your favorite thrift store. The shirts are handcrafted by the Spitten Writtens squad, in our home. Why, you ask, is that good thing?

  1. We <3 the earth: We are environmentally conscious of our wasted matter. Our process takes a little bit of time for us to make, but we don’t have the amount of excess and trash that is made by a high speed production line where loss is only a minuscule percentage in the overall capital of the company.
  2. Limited Quantity: Our shirts move as fast as the culture around us. We print shirts in limited numbers to avoid overstock and waste. Therefore, once we post a new design, we only sell what our initial print run provided for us. This gives you the opportunity to own a limited quantity shirt.
    1. Reprints: We will reprint a design if it is in high demand, If we get more than 50 requests for an old design we will run  a special edition print on that design.  In addition to requests once a year, we will run a “throw-back” print .
  3. Unique Freshness: Since we print in low quantity, the shirt that you will receive was probably never printed more than a week ago. This helps in preventing a stale, dusty tee.

All In all, handmade creations are something that helps keep local artists employed and empowered.



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